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Friday, September 13, 2019
NGC Goals &Objectives: Education, Environment & Conservation, 
Horticulture & Landscape Design

Program:“Essential Native Perennials”
Native plants are those that occur naturally in the environment in which they have evolved. Having adapted to soil and climate conditions, they generally require less water and fertilizer, are more resistant to insects and disease, and provide shelter and food for a wide variety of species. This program will suggest plant species best adapted to our region while also recommending gardening strategies and specific plants to deter ravenous deer from devouring our precious, cultivated landscapes.

Location:Eastern Shore Hospital Center
5262 Woods Road, Cambridge, MD, 410-221-2358

Agenda:9:30 am – 10:30 amEntries Accepted 
10:30 am -11:00 amJudging/Social Time
11:00 am –12:00 pmBusiness Meeting
12:00 pm – 1:00pmLunch/View exhibits
1:00 pm - 2:00 pmProgram
Speaker:Ruth Rogers Clausen is an experienced horticulturalist and prolific garden author who serves on the Board of the Delaware Botanic Gardens. A native of Cardiff, Wales, Ruth was trained as a horticulturalist in England and has lived and worked in the United States for many years. She has taught and lectured widely during her lengthy career and has served as an advisor and judge for botanic gardens and flower shows across the country and around the world. Ruth will have copies of her gardening books for sale, Essential Perennials, 50 Beautiful Deer-Resistant Plants and her most recent, Proven Winners Garden Book.

Program Chair: Martha Keating
Hosts:  Jane Brighton & Linda Rossi
Horticulture: Susan Matthews & Bobbie Tamplin
Design: Cookie Brohawn & Nancy Johnson
Consultant: Faye Phillips
Clerk: Linda Easter


​Division I Horticulture

Class 1.Rosa (Roses)
a.Miniature single
c.Hybrid Tea, GrandifloraAsclepias tuberosa
d.Floribunda, Polyantha, Carpet, Climber – one spray
e.Shrub, Old Garden rose

Class 2.Conifers – 1 branch (minimum length 6”/
maximum length 24”)
a.With cones or berries
b.Without cones or berries

Class 3.Broadleaf Evergreen Tree or Shrub – 1 branch (minimum length 6”/maximum length 24”)
c. Fruited

Class 4.Deciduous Tree or Shrub – 1 branch (minimum length 6”/maximum length 24”)

Class 5.Ilex (Holly) – 1 branch (minimum length 6”/maximum length 18”)

Class 6.Container Grown Plants (maximum pot diameter 8”)

Class 7.Open Class
a. Annual
b. Perennial
c. Biennial
d. Bulb, corm, rhizome, tuber

Class 8.Ornamental Grasses – single cut grass culm (stem) measuring 24” – 30” from cut end to tip of flower head (spike, raceme or panicle)
a.Muhlenberia capillaris (pink muhly grass)
b. Pennisetum (fountain grass)
c. Chasmanthium latifolium (northern sea oats), 3 stems required
d. Any other cut grass with spike, raceme or panicle.

Division II – Design
Class 1. “S-ENTIAL” – Traditional Line Design employing an S-curve, HB pg. 71.
Class 2. “Act Naturally” – Artistic Crafts using fresh or dried flowers in a nosegay, 
HB pg. 95.