Friday, May 8, 2019
NGC Goals & Objectives: Education, Horticulture, Landscape Design 

Program:“Great Expectations” (1946)

Mid-winter, our mailboxes become stuffed with gardening catalogs bursting with the promise of new growth and beautiful blooms and inviting us to dream of spring. Some of what we plant are tried and true varieties that never let us down; however sometimes we are tempted to try completely new horticultural varieties and test our luck, in spite of unpredictable weather patterns, adverse soil conditions, pest infestation or other situations that may inhibit our success. This program will introduce us to gardening trends for 2020 with our speaker’s observations of gardening professionals choices and with information on new plants available this year from area growers and nurseries…for which we all have Great Expectations!
Location:Eastern Shore Hospital Center
5262 Woods Road, Cambridge, MD, 410-221-2358

Agenda: 9:00 am - 10:30 amEntries Accepted
10:00 am - 11:00 amJudging/ Social Time
11:00 am – 12:00 pmBusiness Meeting
12:00 pm - 1:00 pmLunch/View Exhibits
1:00 pm - 2:00 pmProgram

Speaker:Linda Brewer, a graduate of the University of Maryland, grew up in Rockville (Montgomery County), but lived in Utah for five years after marrying her husband, Jim. They moved to Dorchester County in 1993 and raised their family here. Linda’s earliest gardening memory is of weeding her mother’s rose bed, a task she most certainly did not care for (“ugh”). She started collecting houseplants while still in college, next became interested in vegetable gardening and annuals, and then honed her knowledge of perennials, trees, and shrubs while working at Garden Treasures in Easton in the 1990s. She left Garden Treasures to work with a landscape architect and together they designed gardens until 2008. Linda has been back at Garden Treasures for the past six years and is a familiar face to some of us ‘frequent shoppers!’

Program Chair: Jeanne Bernard 
Hosts: Beth Burton & Trish Greenwell
Horticulture: Shirley Chatham & 
Lynne Davis
Design: Wanda Ciekot & Ellen Higgins
Consultant: Clara Mae Stephens
Clerk: Cheryl Willey


Division I – Horticulture
Class 1Rosa (Roses)
a.Miniature single 
b.Miniature spray
c.Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora
d.Floribunda, Polyantha, Carpet, Climber – one spray
e.Shrubs, Old Garden Rose

Class 2.Conifers – one branch (minimum length 6”/maximum length 24”)
a.With cones or berries
b.Without cones or berries

Class 3.Broadleaf Evergreen Tree or Shrubs – 1 branch (minimum length 6”/
maximum length 24”)

Class 4.Deciduous Tree or Shrub – 1 branch (minimum length 6”/maximum 24”)

Class 5.Ilex (Holly) – 1 branch (minimum length 6”/
maximum length 18”)

Class 6.Open Class
d.Bulb, corm, rhizome, tuber

Class 7.Iris, Tall or Intermediate Bearded
a.White, cream, yellow, orange or peach
b.Pink, rose, red or brown
c.Blue, purple or violet
d.Blend or bi-color
e. Vines

Class 8.Miniature Iris

Class 9.Bearded Iris – Japanese, Spuria or Siberian

Class 10.Bulbous Iris – English, Dutch or Spanish

Class 11.Any other Iris

Class 12.Container Grown Plants (maximum pot diameter 8”)

Division II – Design – Great Expectations
Class 1. HB pg. 74, Section F. Creative Mass Design
Class 2. HB pgs. 70-71, V. A & B American Traditional Line Design. This class is eligible for Companion Design (see p. 31).